Preventative Services

Dental care has the reputation for being painful and expensive. Our goal is to help you achieve health and maintain it. The majority of dental diseases are preventable with simple, basic changes to your home care routine. An educated patient can take accountability for his own health to ensure easy, routine checkups without the pain and expense of treating disease.

  • Prophylactic Cleanings
  • Fluoride Treatments
  • Education
  • Risk Assessment
  • Take Home Products

Prophylactic cleaning

Once you have achieved a healthy oral state, obtaining regular cleanings twice a year will help keep you healthy. For some patients, it may be more than twice a year. At these cleanings, an oral exam will be done to ensure no early or recurrent signs of disease are present. If they are, we will work with you to ensure you re-establish a healthy state.

Early intervention

It is important to have a child’s first dental exam when their first tooth erupts, or age one – whichever comes first. We will empower the parent with the necessary information to ensure a disease free future for their child. If we can prevent disease, the child will avoid pain and have a positive association with dental care as they grow.

Patient Education

We will work hard to ensure you understand your entire experience as a patient. It is important to know the causes of oral disease, how to treat the disease, and how to prevent disease from recurring once you have achieved health. While you may see us twice a year, your health is in your hands the other 363 days.

Adjunct therapy

We offer additional tools to further prevent oral disease, both in-office and take home. Traditionally geared towards cavity prevention in children, in-office topical fluoride therapy is beneficial to patients of all ages. We also offer take home fluoride to supplement your home care routine. A variety of power toothbrushes and gum care products are available for purchase.