Additional Services

There are many facets to dental care and each patient has unique circumstances. We will work hard to ensure that all resources are made available to you and tailored to meet your needs. If you or your family member requires services that we cannot provide, we will provide you with resources to get you into the right hands so you can get the care you need.

  • cosmetic
  • root canals
  • implant restoration
  • oral cancer screenings
  • referrals

Root Canal Therapy

When a cavity has irreversibly affected the nerve of a tooth, the nerve must be removed. This procedure is performed to eliminate pain and infection. In most circumstances, after a root canal has been performed, the tooth will require a crown. This can usually be done in our office in one visit. In some situations, we may refer you to a specialist for your root canal treatment.


While our ultimate goal is oral health, we respect that a beautiful smile is also important. We offer simple solutions to brighten your smile, like custom at home bleaching kits. We can also discuss more extensive options like porcelain veneers and implant restoration.


We want to take care of your entire family, including your littlest ones. We hope to make your child’s experience positive and fun, not painful and scary. While our primary focus is on prevention, should your child require disease treatment, we offer nitrous oxide sedation to reduce their anxiety and enhance cooperation.


If a certain procedure or treatment option is outside our scope of practice, we will refer you to a highly qualified specialist to ensure you receive the best care possible. This may include but is not limited to orthodontics (braces), impacted wisdom tooth removal, certain root canal procedures, extensive pediatric dental needs, tissue biopsy.